Monday, May 23, 2016


New York was the perfect setting to discover the new collection of Gigi Hadid for Tommy Hilfiger.
I started in Boston for a few short amazing days, and then I flew straight to the Big Apple where I stayed in one of my favorite hotels in the city: The Edition Hotel. The first night I called it an early night to be fresh for all activities awaiting us in the next three days...

Nueva York fue el escenario perfecto para descubrir la nueva colección de Gigi Hadid para Tommy Hilfiger. 
Después de haber estado unos días disfrutando de Boston, volé directo  a la gran manzana en donde llegué a instalarme en uno de mis hoteles favoritos en la ciudad, el Edition Hotel. La primera noche me dormí temprano para estar descansada y fresca para todas las actividades que nos esperaban en los próximos tres días...


Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Imagine that you could be in the middle of a beautiful island, surrounded by clear waters, sunshine, palm trees and a cool breeze at this very moment. Sounds amazing, right?


Monday, April 11, 2016

Discover chanel #FrontRowOnly

Attending CHANEL fashion show has been one of the things that I had always dreamed about.
I remember that when I was 8 years old, I opened a coffee table book that my great-grandmother had at home. I still remember that the cover said ”CHANEL" in white letters with black background.
At that age I had no idea what CHANEL was, and obviously who Mademoiselle Coco Chanel was either, but I remember that as soon as I opened the book and found myself immersed  in a wonderful world of creation and inspiration that at that point was somewhat unknown but for some reason I was sure I wanted to know more about.

The world of fashion and Haute Couture has been something that has always caught my attention. The details, the technique, the clothing and the hours and hours of meticulous work are just some of the elements that make this a true art.

This is why for me to Discover CHANEL was a real dream.

Asistir a un desfile de CHANEL ha sido una de las cosas que mas deseaba desde que tengo uso de razón.
Recuerdo que cuando tenía 8 años abrí un libro de mesa que tenía mi bisabuela en su casa que decía en la portada "CHANEL" en letras blancas con fondo negro.
Yo,que a esa edad todavía no tenía ni idea de lo que significaba CHANEL, ni mucho menos quién había sido Mademoiselle Coco, solo recuerdo que en cuanto abrí ese libro me sentí inmediatamente inmersa en un mundo maravilloso de creación e inspiración que en su momento era un tanto desconocido pero que por alguna razón estaba segura que quería conocer mas.
El mundo de la moda, y la alta costura ha sido algo que siempre me ha llamado mucho la atención. El trabajo a mano, los detalles, la técnica, la confección y las horas y horas de trabajo meticuloso son solo algunos de los elementos que hacen de esto un verdadero arte.

Es por esto que para mi Discover CHANEL fue un verdadero sueño.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

LIFE: Falling and getting back up.

La última semana de mi vida han sido un tanto drenante. Gracias a dios, es algo que no puso en peligro a nadie que amo, mas que a algunos cuantos años de esfuerzo y dedicación.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Magic is timeless (look 97) #DISCOVERCHANEL (Look 97)

One thing that will last a lifetime, or a hundred that will last a day ...

When I was very young, my great grandmother always told me: "When you grow up, you will understand the difference between having one timeless piece of clothing, instead of a million that will last a day"

Obviously I was too young to understand what she was talking about, much less know anything about quality standard or a thing called a "brand". 

Now that a few years have passed since she spoke those words to me, I understand clearly  what my grandmother was trying to teach me. It is no coincidence that today, one of my greatest pleasures is to go into her closet and take half of the things she's been collecting for years and years! Everything is in mint condition. And I'm talking about 1940s vintage pieces!

Quality is not about buying the most expensive things in the world. We misunderstand the concept. It seems that the more we spend or the more we have, is what defines who we are and therefore how much we're worth.

Thankfully, nowadays we all have the opportunity to find quality in things at prices that will suit our lifestyle. 
Again, we don't necessarily have to spend our month's rent on a bag, but know that if we do, it has to be invested in something really worthwhile. We need to learn the art of "buying", "consuming" and "purchasing". 

     Photos by Theresa Balderas