Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Snapchat Workout Playlist

Una de las cosas que más me inspiran en mi día a día es la música. Si me siguen en mi cuenta de Snapchat ( Michellesalasb ) ya se habrán dado cuenta de esto. 

Así que como muchos de ustedes me han estado pidiendo que les comparta el playlist que escucho en mi Snap cuando hago ejercicio o simplemente cuando quiero un boost de energia en mi día, aquí les va! Espero que les guste!!!

Por cierto si tienen cuenta en Spotify me pueden seguir también bajo MIC BAN.


One of the things that inspire me the most in my everyday life is music. For those of you that follow me on Snapchat (Michellesalasb) I'm sure you know this already.

Because many of you have been asking me to share the songs I play on Snap when I exercise or for a positive boost of energy throughout my day, here it goes! 

Hope you like. By the way if you have a Spotify account you can follow me on Michelle Salas.





  1. Great! Thanks :)

  2. How nice of you to share your songs, Thank You !

  3. Me encanta tu playlist!!

  4. I'm a huge fan of Years & Years. Finding them in your list made me happy) Maybe you should include jess glynne too? Her new album is very touching))

  5. I like your entire Snapchat workout playlist. I am also motivated these days to lose some weight and will go for running and walking for it. Recently found a nice Walking App that has motivational running/walking music. All of these songs were superb in that playlist.