Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Guadalajara with Michael Kors and Vogue #KorsGuadalajara (Full Interview)

You know the girl: the one who always looks effortlessly chic and has an Instagram feed that reads like a well-stamped passport? Enter Michelle Salas.

Whether the Mexican-born Los Angeles-resident is bilingually blogging for her fashion website,

Stereotypemess, contributing runway reviews for glossy magazines or sharing pictures with her social

media fans, she does so with style.
When Salas touched down in Guadalajara for a muy glamorous shoot with Vogue Mexico, we got to talk

spring fashion and her home country—plus travel, tunes and tequila.

Q: What was a standout moment from the Vogue Mexico shoot?

When we were in the desert surrounded by the maguey leaves—there were clouds of dust,but the pictures came out perfectly.

Q: Which MICHAEL Michael Kors look was your favorite and why?

Definitely the white dress—it’s comfortable and feminine. Whether you wear it over a
swimsuit at the beach or with a wedge for going out, it will always look spectacular.

Q: Describe the Michael Kors brand in five words or less.

Sophisticated, feminine, comfortable, classic and sexy at the same time.

Q: How would you define modern Mexican style?

Mexico is a country full of color, and the people and the cultures are so unique—and its
modern fashion goes hand-in-hand with this.”

Q: When visiting Guadalajara, what’s your dream itinerary?
On this trip I had the opportunity to go to the town of Tequila—it’s a magical and historicalplace. Back in the city, we went to a restaurant called Hueso that I loved for the delicious foodand the all-white interior and I Latina for amazing tequila and tuna tostadas. When it comes to sightseeing, Hospicio Cabañas is a must-visit.”
Q: What’s the perfect outfit for a day of sightseeing followed by a sunset cocktail in Guadalajara?
Guadalajara is a city in which the plan is: no plan! So, dress prepared for anything. Jeans, awhite tee, leather jacket and heeled boots is the best outfit to take you from day to night—just add accessories, jewelry and a great bag to complete your look.”
Q: Who is your fashion icon?
Brigitte Bardot.”

Song I can listen to on repeat…
“Lately, it’s been Talking Bodies by Tove Lo (Gryffin Remix).”
Tequila cocktail of choice…
Tequila reposado on the rocks with sangrita.
Dream superpower…
“To time travel.
To read the full interview Click Here / Para leer la entrevista completa pulsa aqui 
Photo credits: Michael Kors and isauro cairo 


  1. Fashions were great, something for everybody...love the interview !

  2. Me encanto la entrevista!! Felicidades Michelle!

    Ps. Cuando tendremos otro post de tus mini vacaciones en la playa? Se veían espectacular las fotos que subiste a Instagram :D

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