Monday, January 6, 2014

Five Looks with Romero+McPaul (Look 1)

Before heading to Acapulco for New Years I spent a few days in San Diego. I had lunch in one of my favorite hotels in California, the super iconic Hotel del Coronado. As you can see it was freezing cold so that's the reason why this look is perfect for winter, but I just loved the contrast of the colors with the beautiful sunlight... Next time you go to San Diego, don't forget to visit this beautiful place.

I'm wearing Romero+McPaul velvet shoes, All Saints Jeans, Urban Outfitters shirt, Marc Jacobs Coat, Alexander wang bag and Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

Antes de irme a Acapulco para pasar Año Nuevo estuve unos días en San Diego comiendo en uno de mis hoteles favoritos en California, el histórico Hotel del Coronado. Como podrán ver este look es perfecto para el invierno ya que la playa estaba congelada, pero me encantó el contraste de los colores con la luz del sol. La próxima vez que visiten San Diego, no se olviden de conocer este increíble lugar.

Llevo zapatos de Romero+McPaul, jeans de All Saints, camisa de Urban Outfiters, Abrigo de Marc Jacobs, Bolsa de Alexander Wang y lentes de Oliver Peoples.

Photos by Christian Pleco



  1. Me Encanto el Look Mich Saludos

  2. Your site is really interesting ,,the clothes are classy, down to earth, and you wear them so well, Michelle, you are a very natural model, with an enormous amount of natural beauty, so like the model Giselle..who I idolized , your a real role model for girls...look forward to traveling the different cities in your photos !!


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