Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bright and Neutrals (Look 3)

This post is all about mixing bright colors with neutrals. Some of you may know that mixing and matching colors is a big trend right now, so I wanted to share with you one of my outfits for Paris Fashion week. Obviously as you can see this is more of a spring look but I feel this could definitely work for winter with a X Large Nude coat. The main purpose of this post is to show you that we shouldn't be afraid to play with colors. Not everything should match nowadays. I love the contrast!

I'm wearing Zara Collection Dress and Valentino shoes and bag. 

Este post es acerca de la mezcla de colores brillantes con tonos neutros.Algunos de ustedes sabrán que el mezclar tonos es una tendencia que esta super fuerte ahorita, así que quise compartir con ustedes uno de los looks que use en Fashion Week París. Aunque este outfit sea un poco mas de primavera puede jugar un super papel en el invierno con un abrigo X large con colores neutros. El propósito de este post es perder el miedo a jugar con los colores! No todo tiene que combinar. Me encanta el contraste!

Llevo vestido de Zara Collection y bolsa y zapatos de Valentino.

Love Xx



  1. You look absolutely your blog, we have 8 girls in our immediate family, and we can all relate to your style and love the information you put out there...much success to you and always maintain your sweetness !!

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  3. Mezcla de colores genial un contraste de un color neutro y uno super explosivo. Adore su look.

  4. No soy muy fan del naranja, pero debo decir que tanto la forma como el color del vestido te favorece muchísimo. Estás bellisima!

  5. You’re doing a remarkable process. Hold it up